Awakening to Reiki’s Many Uses

Reiki, a Japanese hands-on healing technique, is rising in popularity. More people are hearing about it but may still be unsure about its use. Traditionally it is a method for channeling universal life force energy into a person with specific or intuitively known hand positions to bring about healing or balance. However Reiki has many applications that extend beyond the traditional healing by placement of hands on the body.

Reiki is part of our awakening. Connecting ourselves to this life force energy with an attunement is a way to start a self-care practice. Its ease of use and gentleness has allowed it to become a gateway modality into the world of complimentary alternative medicines. It is for everyone and should be taught in our schools and used at home or work consistently and not just for healing. Think about it. If we can channel life force energy into our bodies to help us feel better and heal, then why couldn’t we channel it for other uses? It turns out that we can. For example, our home and work environments have a palpable energy to them. Reiki channeled into these spaces creates a clean, safe and welcoming environment in which to live or work. Imagine the calm learning space teachers can set up for our children in the classroom by implementing the use of Reiki on a daily basis. And using it in clinics and hospitals is extremely valuable as well, not just for the patients but for the space itself.

I’ve personally witnessed results using it as a way to clear and protect a space. With the intention that only persons for my highest good be allowed entry to my home, I ceremonially used Reiki to clear and then create a protective barrier at my front door. I was then intrigued by noticing who would approach my door and who would keep their distance. It was obvious my protection was working as it was keeping those I felt uncomfortable with away. I’ve also used this technique at my office I was sharing with a co-worker. We found one of the managers speaking to me from the doorway rather than entering the space.

Using Reiki on our pets and other creatures is helpful and often sought out by the animals. I know a woman who uses her Reiki on horses regularly with excellent results. She also has other barn animals who will plop themselves down right in front of her when they are not feeling well. They won’t leave until she gives them Reiki. She notices improvement in them the next day. And don’t forget our plants; they love Reiki too. I once experimented with poinsettias by giving regular Reiki to one plant in particular. The plant given Reiki grew bigger, healthier and more beautiful than the others. I took that plant home at the end of the season and it lived with me another few years.

If you’ve been attuned to Reiki, I encourage you to experiment and play with it beyond placing your hands on yourself or a friend. You can add life to your food and water by giving it Reiki. Give Reiki to your pets or garden. Sweep your hands in a space as if you were using a broom to remove unwanted energy and then infuse it with good energy. We feel better and perform better when our space is clean and clear of unwanted negativity. When we practice these techniques in our daily lives, we’ll begin to notice the improvement of our environment and living space. It will raise our awareness to the energies around us at all times. If you haven’t been attuned to Reiki, give it a whirl. What have you to lose?

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