Deepening Meditation with Daily Practice

I teach the importance of daily meditation practice. I wish I could say I’ve had a formal practice for years and years but the truth is that I have not. I’ve had students report how good it is and my own knowingness told me it was true. However overcoming the inertia of not doing it can be daunting. There are a thousand reasons why I didn’t start a daily regular practice, none of which really matter.

I have in fact meditated quite a bit in a lot of different ways but nothing regular. I didn’t have a time set aside each day for my one on one sit with Spirit until last year’s Winter Solstice. I chose one thing – a Kundalini Yoga kriya followed my an eleven minute meditation. This gives me a concentrated thirty minutes with Spirit each day. Doing this “one thing” during that thirty minutes – every day – allows me to attempt to gain some mastery over it. I am far from mastering it in this short few months however the value I have gained from the experience can not be measured. You can not put a value on what you get from Spirit. It is only something that each much discover on their own.

What I can say is that my meditations are much deeper now, much more focused. My inability to complete one section of the kriya has improved to where I can complete it and I’m beginning to complete it without gasping for breath in the end. I’m learning to stop looking at my timer to see how much time is left. Not being bound by time and working outside it is so freeing. I’ve learned to lean into the practice and let it guide me. I’ve learned to let it put my heart and soul at ease and to let go all those other things going on outside my sacred space. My ego mind has become more quiet. I am more than ever now able to quietly observe life from a place of peace.

So if you haven’t already taken up a regular daily practice. I highly encourage it. If you need help selecting something to do, email me and let’s chat. If you’re still not in a place to do this, feel no guilt about it. It’s not about what you should or shouldn’t do. It’s about noticing and then doing the things that get you to where you want to go. It’s about dropping old beliefs and systems that no longer serve us and picking up newer, more mature ways of being. It’s a process. We’ll all reach the final destination one way or another.