A New Identity

Along with getting married and embarking on our new project – Sacred Pathways, I am personally in the midst of a legal identity change.  I am extremely happy to be making this change because I am taking on the name of my new husband.  I lost my sense of connection to my old name many years ago now. A name I’ve used for nearly 27 years. I had no interest in resuming with my maiden name either. I considered selecting another name but my instincts told me to be patient.

That being said, I am now continuing my practice in patience in getting all the details settled. Who knew there could be so many things needing attention? The reward you might ask will be starting my new project fully in my new life. I feel good about who I am and how I am identified in the world. Our names carry an energy with them and at times they can be outgrown. It’s happened to me twice now.

So as I finish dotting my “i”s and crossing my “t”s in our 3D world to take on my new legal name, I am infused with new life and enthusiasm for my role as an aware creator of our world. John and I hope you will join us in creating that new world at our new center when the doors open.