Gulf Healing / Reiki Share / Sacred Pathways

Our first Reiki Share event was very successful. We met at Lido Beach, enjoyed an attunement and then spent time communing and giving Reiki to the Gulf of Mexico. I loved meeting the beautiful Reiki people in our area who came out despite the threatening weather. This summer’s been a bit wet. Each soul there added tremendously to the beautiful energy of the group. I’m looking forward to our next event which will be indoors. My arms and legs which could have used a repellent from the sand flies are thankful for this. I’m living and learning as I go.

The next event will be held on Wednesday, August 1 and will be more of a traditional Reiki Share open to all persons who’ve received an attunement regardless of lineage. I’m still scouting out a location for this event. The first venue doesn’t have the times available that work so I know there is something better in store. If you know of any place in or near the downtown Sarasota area, please drop me an email.

This something better brings me to the last point of this post. John and I are working diligently with a mentor towards the opening of our own space where we will create the schedule and environment. It is an exciting unfolding of our life dreams that we each had prior to meeting each other and we can’t wait to share it with everyone. So stay tuned for more information on that as the “hows” are being revealed.