Reiki Clinic vs Share and Sacred Pathways Update.

I am filling up Tuesday nights with everything Reiki. Tonight begins a new Reiki class series. I am then presenting a Shamanic Reiki Playshop on Oct 2 and following that up with a Free Reiki Clinic on Oct 9. These offerings will work themselves into a rotating schedule. The Reiki shares will continue to be offered on the first Wednesday of every month. Finally, I also put another Gulf Healing into the mix on Thursday, September 20.

What’s a Reiki Clinic vs a Reiki Share?  Well, clinics are for the public to come and experience a few minutes of Reiki for free just to try it out. It’s also a great opportunity for new Reiki people to practice their skills on different types of recipients.  Reiki Shares, on the other hand, are specifically for people who are already attuned to Reiki and want to give Reiki but also receive it from others. The shares are a great place to try new techniques and gain experience. I’m offering plenty of opportunities to become familiar with Reiki. It’s popularity continues to grow.

Future offerings will include Intuition Development, Kundalini Yoga workshops and other Energy Medicine topics. For right now, I’m filling up the Tuesday nights I have at Transendance. Our work towards a building of our own is just that – a bit of work right now. We (my partner and I) want it to start off on the right foot so we’re getting lots of professional input and doing the 3D work that is required for its success. The teachings might be in a higher dimension but we’re not all quite there yet.

Until my next update, I wish you all a fantastic end to Summer and the welcoming of cooler days.