Oonagh and Easy Does It

Today, I am reminded by Oonagh, a Celtic goddess, that “Easy Does It”. This is perfect timing as I move forward with my business research. I get to places where I feel like it’s not going fast enough, that my business should have already been up and running some months ago. But this reminder tells that there is no need to hurry or force things to happen. That is my M.O. by the way. There is a part of me that knows everything is occurring in perfect timing. The other part of me thinks I’m taking it too easy, being lazy.

For example, today I had an early doctor’s appointment. I thought I could get a lot of work done afterwards. Instead, I followed my heart and I drove out to the beach, sat down, wrote in a journal, enjoyed watching a dolphin and proceeded to do a couple of meditations. I can’t tell you how much this lifted my heart! Taking that “me” time is so important. It makes everything else feel like a breeze. On the way home I received the idea to stop and get materials I need for conducting an Ayni Despacho ceremony next week. It felt so good to go to a particular store, find what I was looking for and then proceed to the next store and remember all the other things I needed. No hurry, no fuss.

Upon returning home, I felt that familiar feeling of not being able to accomplish the 50 things on my list for today and promptly started eating some of the items I bought for ceremony while frantically going here and there, cleaning things up. It didn’t help that I had a live cockroach in my car reminding me I hadn’t vacuumed it in a while. Then, I remembered how calm I felt at the beach and chose to let all the angst just slip away. When I did that, I could then do the next right thing which was to sit down and draw a card from my Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue. That is when Oonagh came up with the “Easy Does It” slogan. And the final words in the card description were a reminder that “there’s no competition for your true life’s purpose, so there’s no need to worry, hurry, or feel that you have to force things to happen.” Thank you Oonaugh. As a great wise woman taught me a few weeks ago, I will set that card on my alter and work with her this entire week instead of drawing a new one tomorrow. I will use this card for the coming week, referring to it often and taking in its full message.

How do you employ “Easy Does It”? How can you? When will you? Why not now?

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