Change – that is the only thing that seems stable right now as funny as that may seem. I’m grateful to be in the flow of life by allowing myself to be gently swept by this current of change and dropping all expectations. I’ve spoken of my business ideas several times and have now stopped trying to “figure” it out because each time I think I have it, something changes. I’ve planted the seeds of my desires with clear intention. What I know now is that focusing on the one thing in front of me is producing results I feel good about. The seeds are being watered and I believe there’s even a sprout or two coming up. I’ve realized that I am already living my life’s purpose – changes and all.

The best part is that through all this change, the one thing I keep coming back to is my own spiritual practice which, in turn, leads me back to the one thing that never changes – LOVE. Love being the best word I can think of to describe this constant “thing”.  There is such peace and contentment while sitting in that love space of gratitude and then having a sudden understanding of that which cannot be understood. Then I open my eyes and I am back, here in the land where everything changes. I can only smile knowing my LOVE place will always there. Always has, and always will.

Do you have a daily spiritual practice? Does it change at times like mine?

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