Welcome to the New World

We’re at the time we’ve been waiting to witness. We’re at the threshold of the turn to the New World. The seeds are planted. We are watering them now with every thought, every action or inaction. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Each of us is responsible for our own contribution to this global journey and I know there are many that still wonder what they can do. I know there are many that refuse to believe that things will get better. This is a process we are experiencing; our perceived problems will not be solved overnight. The world will not end on 12/21. It is the beginning.

We each have a gift and a purpose to bring forth in this new world. Our job now is to discover that purpose if we don’t already know it. This is best done by starting the personal healing process if you haven’t already so that healed state can then be projected out into the world. It’s time to forgive all trespasses – and I mean all of them. Not just those which are convenient.  It’s time to clean up our energy bodies which will make this transition to the new world far easier and will help you connect with your own unique contribution.

If all this doesn’t sound like a foreign language, then congratulations, you are already on your journey. If I’m not making any sense but you are reading this post, you too are already on your journey.  I encourage you to seek within the answers to your questions. Your inner wisdom will lead you to the humans who will help you on your personal journey. Many elders and medicine people before us have held a high vision for this New World we are entering. I have chosen to hold that vision as well. Join me – it’s here now.