Medicine Wheel Exploration

Massage school is off to a great start, one week down, many to go. I’m excited about all the things I’m learning and am grateful I took the plunge. In the meantime, I’m also adding the following class series to be held at Transendance on the second Tuesday of every month beginning April 9. I hope you will consider joining me. It will be a journey for both of us!

New Workshop Series: Exploring the Medicine Wheel

Travel with Kelly on the second Tuesday of each month beginning April 9, 2013 as she helps you discover the archetypal and healing energies within each direction of the medicine wheel. Each month will feature a new direction culminating in a celebration of oneness and moving closer to the full realization of our luminous energy bodies, the next step in our human evolution.

This 7 part program is based on ten years of Kelly’s personal healing journey while learning several healing modalities including the study of western shamanism based originally on the Q’ero tradition in Peru. Be prepared to do some personal work in these workshops where we will experience significant shifts on the energetic realm, or what might be called non-ordinary reality.

These workshops are for those who wish to explore these topics on a deep personal level. Each session will end in a special ceremony to help integrate what is learned. We will be held in sacred space as we experience the Divine. Each session is limited to 15 participants and each can be attended separately or consecutively for maximum benefit.

Cost: $35 per session. For more information, contact Kelly Stewart at 707-328-5707 or

South (Serpent): Experience, share and learn about our attachments to the past and how we can energetically shift those experiences transforming them into our strengths. Come to this workshop ready to be honest with yourself and look at the past in a new light.

West (Jaguar):  Experience, share and learn about the ways integrity works in the new world. We’ll take a look at familial, generational, cultural and societal patterns of our lives and release their energetic bonds transforming them into the ability to create a life of our choosing.

North (Hummingbird): Using our beginners mind, we’ll experience, share and learn about our journey to Infinity. We’ll discover the roles we play and work with our beliefs; challenging ourselves to transform the limiting ideas we have and see life outside of time and space where anything is possible.

East (Eagle/Condor): Experience, share and learn about seeing the world from a new perspective. Understanding our projections and transforming the thoughts that create them through energetic shifts will help us heal our minds. In this way we become visionaries capable of dreaming our world into a new being that more closely resembles our desires.

Below (Earth):  Experience, share and learn how our earthly experiences shape our lives. Learn about ways of overcoming what is perceived as negative. Transform your understanding of these into a source of personal power. Learn how to keep that power and to claim your place in the world.

Above (Heavens): Experience, share and learn about experiencing life at a Soul level. What is your Soul’s journey and how does it relate to the path you are taking? Learn how you can regularly connect energetically with that part of you that is inside wanting to be fully expressed.

Center (The Self): Putting it all together, experience, share and learn how paying attention to the world outside of us awakens our inner seer. Awaken to experiences of the Divine you might be missing. We’ll step towards energetically shifting any blocks preventing our attainment of a clean, healthy and luminous energy body which will allow us greater access to the wisdom contained in the messages of the outside world.