Post Graduation

Massage therapy license #MA74485 in hand, I am now officially open for business. Massage Anyone?If you look over my website, you’ll see that I’ve tried to simplify things. Hopefully I was a little bit successful at that. The world keeps changing and so do I. And while some changes in the world may not seem all that great, when viewed from a higher perspective, I am confident that all will be well. There are many of us out there visioning our new world into being. Remaining flexible and teachable has become my motto. I don’t know all the solutions to the world’s problems but I do know there are others out there who have a pretty good idea about most of them. Together we will make it!

This brings me back to my part. I used to massage numbers for a living and now I’m massaging bodies. I love massaging bodies! I can honestly say that now. It was the right decision to go to massage school and pursue this avenue of being able to get my healing work out there in a much bigger way. Most of us know that a person’s belief system has a big impact on what treatments they will seek out with their issues. For example, many more would consider massage for an aching back than they would consider Reiki. I love helping these people. I love watching a client exit my room in that wonderful blissful dazed state of feeling better than they did when they entered. It’s what I live for. It’s my service to humanity and I appreciate being supported for doing that work. Sometimes it’s just a massage, but in reality, it’s much, much more. I finally feel that I’m engaged fully in my work. That feels good.