Guest Panel Speaker

Hello my loyal followers!

I’ve been busy growing my massage and healing practice and neglecting the blog for a little too long. During recent months, the majority of my extra time has been spent on business related issues and keeping the Sarasota Reiki Circle meetup site going. I have added a few regular events there including an Introduction to Reiki night and a Meditation by the Gulf. I am also very close to finding my own location. No disclosure yet on where, but it is exciting! For now, classes and events are still being held at Transendance in downtown Sarasota while massages are given at the Professional Clinic at the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy.

The fun stuff: I was blessed with the opportunity to speak to a group of students at the massage school tonight who are in the midst of their practice management class. Since I haven’t been out of school for long (only about 4 months) I was a little intimidated to have such an honor and hoping their questions wouldn’t be too difficult.  It went well. I think I got as much or more than the students did just by being in the presence of the other two panel members who each had over 10 years experience. They appreciated my newbie input as inexperienced as it was. Apparently they think I am being very successful and off to a great start and I have to agree. This was a great opportunity to say “YES” and give back to a system that is giving me so much.

I go to bed each night knowing I am finally doing the work I was meant to do. And when I am not do-ing, I am just be-ing and listening to the small, still voice inside which eventually lets me know when and what to start do-ing again. I am happy, fulfilled and excited about the days to come. The world is changing rapidly and I’m grateful to be witness to all the positive changes even when they don’t look positive. More will be revealed……