All Grown Up Now!

Hi Friends,

I feel like a real adult now. The last weeks have proven to be challenging and exciting. I not only found my new location to practice but I completed the last piece of legality just this week and am now officially practicing there. Who would have thought I’d need four tax receipts and two state licenses to open a place? Ah, but that issue is for someone else to worry about fixing. I did it!

I did all that was required and now I’m fully operational. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it because of the timing (busy season is abruptly ending down here in Florida) and expense (I don’t quite have enough business to cover everything – yet!) but another part of me said, “If not now, when?”

How could I expand without having the space to expand into? How could I be on the edge of a dream and not take the plunge? What’s the worst that could happen? Answering those questions made me say “YES!”. Yes to opportunity, yes to growth, yes to Spirit. Some how, some way, all is well. All has always been well and all will always be well. My well of gratitude runs over. I feel grown up and like I am finally accomplishing something important.

More is coming, more is revealed with each step I take towards that big overwhelming life dream of a larger property in the mountains. I remind myself not to look at that big picture too often because I get lost in the details of getting there. Instead, I remind myself to stay in the present moment where I am surely guided, step by step, towards the next right action for today. I am surely pointed in the right direction for me and trust I will achieve all my dreams and more. All I have to do is keep up my personal practices, stay connected with Spirit and focused on today.

May you be guided today towards the next right action for your soul’s journey.