New Office

I am very excited about the new office for StarLightworker’s services. I’ve spent the last month putting the final touches on the place and have realized this project will never be completely finished – just like this website! It keeps revealing to me more tweaks and nuances to be addressed.

One thing I have decided to do is unveil a new logo. I had one created for me which was an excellent start but I ended up doing my own. That’s just how things roll sometimes. I avoided costly software fees by using open source software. What a concept! And here is the logo:

g3508You’ll be seeing more of this logo as I move along. I wish I could do it all at once but everything in its own time has become my motto. I got a door sign being installed today and a street sign that is now delayed. You know, sometimes the least expensive route ends up costing more. It seems the old panels are quite yellow baked by our Florida sun and stark white underneath the old logo which means it will show when the new logo is applied. So I must purchase new panels.

My plan to open the space now and get all the bugs worked out for a fall Grand Opening has turned out to be a very good idea. Stay tuned. Until next time, here’s to hoping your life is unfolding as deliciously mine seems to be.