Back To Work and Feeling At Home

I am very happy to be back at work full-time in my Sarasota office. I lost a little momentum over the summer but I also know it’s a temporary lull. The summer was full of research, fun, and becoming aware of some areas I need to work on.

The research included a trip to North Carolina to a family property we hope to use in the future. We spent time there connecting with the Smoky Mountains and the local people. The net result of that trip was coming to the realization of what it would mean to care for a large property and the decision to not rush into a venture too soon.

The final trip of the season took us back to California from where I came originally. It felt so good to reconnect with the friends and family I left nearly four years ago. Most often we picked up right where we left off. That trip ended with a visit to Lake Tahoe which is an annual event in my family. While it was awesome being in the mountains again and visiting all those granite peaks, I was overwhelmed by being amidst the wonderful chaos of family. I love them deeply but am also grateful for my more quiet life in Sarasota and found myself anxious to get home and get back to work. I don’t often say I’ve had enough vacation.

The best news in all this is that my husband and I had time to reflect on just how much we like living in Sarasota, Florida. We’ve been to the few places we thought we wouldn’t mind living this past summer and can honestly say that for now we don’t want to change a thing. This made me realize that I need to set down some deeper roots there and get more involved in the community. Well, I already started the business and so the next steps would be to offer more services, continue my education and to begin serving the community in bigger and better ways.

Feeling at home right where I am. What a blessing!