While waiting for a friend who would not show, I drew a card from my Ascended Masters deck. I turned it over and there it was again. Write. Thoth was the master on the card and the message was to write. OK! I hear you loud and clear. I have wanted to write forever. I journal regularly and often write to get things off my chest. I’ve been told I have something to say ever since I started this spiritual journey and that I should write about it. Not only does my intuition tell me, but also my guides and readers of all sorts have told me. A recent guest at my office who is obviously a well-gifted psychic also told me to write. She said I had many notes lying all around and needed to gather them up and get to it. She also told me to watch out for my thyroid. I’ve never met this woman before but she was right on all counts. And I am smart enough to know that the thyroid situation can be influenced by the energy of my 5th chakra center which is related to communication and expressing my true self. Apparently, I am still not doing that enough.

The problem as I see it is that I did write for a while. I wrote the story of the 34 day road trip with my sweetie and I took when he first moved to California to live with me. We barely knew each other then. I married him so you know the trip went well despite the challenges. Once that project was complete however, I realized that writing is hard work. It takes dedication and a willingness to put in long hours to get it right. I am a perfectionist who constantly berates herself because perfection is near impossible and my work proves it. So, why do I bother? Oh well, that’s another story. The point here is that once I was done with that project, encouraged by WordPress’s post a day challenge, I felt complete. I thought my writing was done. The urge had left. Apparently though, I am incorrect about that.

Many times I have picked up my pad to write about major events in my life but felt it wasn’t fair to those who lived them with me. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I haven’t figured out how to do it without causing another pain or breaking one’s anonymity. This can be a real dilemma. I once had an anonymous blog where I had forgotten that I shared it with a friend who later became distant. Well, I offended her alright. She then tried to tell her side of the story…on my blog. Lesson learned, the hard way. When I write, it’s obviously my own experience. While I love to hear others’ experiences in similar circumstances, I am not about to try and defend myself or engage in debate. People see circumstances through their own filters and life experiences.

So, write I shall for my creative side is aching to be expressed. I express creativity in my massage work. I express it in my teaching and some sewing projects I’ve completed. It’s not enough. Spirit keeps telling me to write, so I will do as asked of me for I know it will lead to happiness and fulfillment. The issues around it will resolve themselves. So, here’s to writing!!

What is Spirit asking you to do that you have been delaying?

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