The Rear View Mirror on Summer Solstice

Owl totem came up two days ago in a reading my husband did for me during the beginning of our three-day solstice retreat. Today, the third and final day of our retreat, we headed to the beach for a walk in the energy of the sunrise, moonset, and full moon. I got into the car and looked in the rear view mirror. The photo below is exactly what I saw. A screech owl sitting on my neighbor’s mailbox.

Later in the morning, I wrote the poem below as a tribute to the screech owl who showed up for me. He stood his ground as I backed out of the drive. He is a reminder that we have tipped into light in a cycle that is bigger than the annual tip into darkness at the summer solstice. The time of dark is over. As loud as it may be, its time is passed.

Owl in Rear View

Owl as seen from rear view mirror.

Owl in the Rear View

 Your likeness comes to few

Spotlighted, silhouetted

To the dark we are wedded

Totem here gives sight

Knowing all is set right

As the dark tips into light.