A Secret Joy of Learning Reiki – Experiencing Oneness

When you take a Reiki Class you will learn all about Reiki. The teacher will generally share a lot of history and background information with you. For some, this can be rather dull and not fully appreciated until much later in the learning process. However, if you bear with that part in the beginning and get it behind you, the rest holds promise of being uplifting, informative, and transformative.

During a class, you will learn how to give a basic Reiki Session to yourself and other people by using the standard hand positions. Because of this basic knowledge, you will always know what to do in any circumstance. The best part is you will soon realize that you are receiving Reiki at the same time you are giving it. If you continue using Reiki beyond the class setting, your confidence will grow and then something magical will happen. If you chose in-depth training, your Reiki teacher will jump-start this process. While meditating on being one with the energy, you will begin hearing the information that your hands and heart are perceiving as you channel this flow of energy called life-force. It is at this point the process of transmitting Reiki becomes a pure joy because Reiki allows us to connect to the other person safely and in ways that are not normally possible. Both the overly empathetic and non-empathic person will appreciate this invisible connection. We tend to say just the right thing, know when to smile, or when to comfort.  Our differences disappear. We become One.

Thus, a secret joy of learning Reiki is learning to connect with others in a way that allows us to experience our Oneness.

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