Tools to Create Peace and Happiness

Meditation and connection with a power greater than myself are tools for becoming peaceful and happy. I have felt for a long time that we, collectively, are on the verge of total transformation as a human species – not just as individuals. I hold that vision of a healed Earth and Humanity as a result of this awakening. What each of us does now contributes to the process and is setting the stage for future generations. What an opportunity! But knowing this doesn’t make me peaceful or happy all of the time since the world often seems so cruel and out of sync.

I see people in pain and suffering from their pain and I want to fix it. That’s my nature. I see groups of people ostracized for being different than what some call the “norm”. This makes me feel sadness. I see an environment crying out for help in so many ways. The problems are numerous and growing in urgency. At the same time, I often feel like I don’t fit. I don’t belong. How did I get here? How can I be happy and peaceful as I see so many unhappy situations about me?

I found it helps to remember my connection to a source of inspiration that I call a higher power. I find this connection through meditation. Truly, this power is greater than I am and greater than all these problems we have. I have witnessed events unfold in miraculously marvelous ways (the creation of Sacred Pathways Sarasota for example) that I alone could never orchestrate. It helps for me to remember that “it is what it is” and that if I can be present to what “is”, then I can accept whatever “it” is. From the place of acceptance, I can choose to create something new instead of lamenting about what “it” is not. Peace and happiness are what I choose to create. But how?

The answer I found to how is to cultivate peace and happiness within myself because I cannot control anyone else’s inner state – only mine! Then I can share that process with others. I can be that for others. Thus, my self-care practices that include meditation and communing with my higher power came to be. The practice of meditation allows me to find a place of stillness and realizing everything is okay just as it is. It also helps me know what my next outward motion should be and when it should be. We will get to the healed vision I hold. I know it. In the meantime, I will continue making myself happy and peaceful by choosing what I put into my mind and holding that vision of the healed world. Knowing it exists makes me smile inwardly even in the face of today’s latest horrible news item.

I wish I was perfect! I am not. I still have times when peace and happiness evade me. When that happens, I allow myself (without judgement) to stew in it a while. Eventually, I surrender to what “is” and realize that if I change the way I look at it, things will change. I commune with my higher power to help me do this. I don’t know how exactly that works, but it does. Then, the happiness and peace returns. All I must do is remember to employ the tools I have learned. Daily meditation and connecting with my higher source are the most important of all the tools.

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