Travel Time

Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe

Travel helps restore my soul – at least that is my experience. It allows me an opportunity to get out of the day to day. It gets me out of myself. The first travel this summer was a 30-day 6,255 mile loop from Sarasota to Utah and back. It reminded me of the first trip my husband and I went on together as a couple when we got in the car and explored the Northwest for 28 days. This month of travel has become an annual tradition – how blessed I am.

We discovered this year’s rains left much of the country green. Even the Northeast corner of New Mexico was green! We avoided the main highways and major cities while seeking out natural points of interest. We spent time chatting with local folk and discovered Kansas was more pleasant than we thought it might be. We spent an entire week in Rocky Mountain National Park and barely put a dent into what is possible there. These long road trips renew our relationship with ourselves and each other. We ignore the day to day news and drama. Instead we enjoy the simple tasks of preparing meals, brushing teeth, and deciding where to go next. We enjoy this relaxed rhythm.

The mountains called and we went. We visited beautiful Lake Tahoe for our second trip The gorgeous blue lake lies in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. We visited family and enjoyed the great outdoors by swimming in clean water, hiking part of the Tahoe Rim Trail, and visiting Eagle Lake in Desolation Wilderness. We enjoyed the extravagance of having a condo to stay in rather than our 13’ trailer.

I was back for only three days before I was off again. This time, I went to see the grandchildren in Germany. I left all my expectations behind and it ended up being the best trip ever to see them. The jet lag was brutal, but I survived.

Now, my soul is restored. I’m rested and ready to serve my clients. Come see me. Let’s talk about how you can live your best life.