Which Reiki Class Should I Take?

Selecting a Teacher

Everyone should begin with Reiki I of course. But, that’s obvious. The next question becomes – “How do I select a teacher?” The answer to this question is not so easy. There are many schools of Reiki and many philosophies around this healing modality. Each teacher is different. Each brings to the class his or her understanding and ability to convey to the student what Reiki means and how to use it. I stand by my experience that Reiki is Reiki. It does not matter which school you attend or which style of Reiki you learn. What matters is that the teacher helps you connect with the Reiki energy in a way that is meaningful to you.

The question to the potential student is then – “What do you hope to get out of taking the class?” After answering this question, my best suggestion is to reach out to potential teachers and ask questions. The teacher should be more than willing to share with you their philosophy and teaching style. I teach the Usui/Tibetan method not only because it’s the first one I learned – it’s the one I enjoy the most. It is rich in technique and yet basic enough to comprehend easily.

Be wary of any teacher or school that says they are teaching you the one and only true Reiki method. I suggest you take my class and others and compare your results. The proof is in the doing which only requires your being. Being willing and being present. This is the most important technique you will ever learn in any Reiki class.

Levels of Reiki

Level 1 is all you need to practice Reiki. Level 2 gives you more depth of technique and introduces you to Reiki’s traditional use of symbols. Using the symbols is not required for giving Reiki. However, they are extremely useful tools that help you focus, connect, and expand your Reiki abilities.

My level 1 and 2 classes are scheduled over a full day (or two half-days) for a reason. Learning takes time. I want to give each student ample time to practice the skills taught. Having enough time to accomplish this is important because I want each student to leave class confident with their ability to channel Reiki. If you leave class without that confidence, then you won’t have gotten off to a good start and may become frustrated or give up.

I also offer Advanced and Master classes. You can consider these two classes together as Level 3. Advanced is a full day of training that gives you additional tools and techniques to use with your Reiki practice. This is perfect for the student of Reiki who wants more but doesn’t plan to pass on Attunements to others. An Attunement is the process that a teacher uses to connect and enhance a student’s ability to channel the Reiki energy.

For those who wish to pass Attunements to others in their practice or want to go on to become a teacher of Reiki themselves, then the Master class is a must. This is two full days spent learning about what it means to be a Master of Reiki and to become proficient in giving the Attunements. While this class qualifies you to begin teaching Reiki, it is just the beginning of Reiki Mastery. Reiki can be quite mysterious – even to those who carry the title of Reiki Master.

Class Certificates

Certificates are available for my Reiki classes. The certificate you receive from me is not just for participation. It says that you received the necessary attunements and knowledge of the Reiki natural system of healing for the level attained and demonstrated your proficiency in the techniques given in class.

Ongoing Support

I provide ongoing support to past students of all levels in the form of a Reiki Share. We gather as a group the first Wednesdays of each month to practice our skills. This is also a wonderful opportunity to commune with other Reiki people. We need connection to groups and people who are of like mind. We all can tap into and work with life-force energy for our good and for the good of all. What are we waiting for?