April 2020

I pray this message finds you well. I know this time is hard for many. I intended to accomplish so many projects related to my future classes by now, but somehow my days are filled with I don’t even know what and those projects go untouched. My mind has been elsewhere.

What are others up to?

There are some who are putting out excellent videos to help others. Musicians, meditators, yoga instructors, etc. This is a fabulous thing to do for those who feel called to do this service. Kudos to you for stepping up to do your part at this great time in history. There are also those who are taking on extra jobs to make the ends meet or pay the rent. I am blessed to not need to do that as my spouse’s job continues somewhat normally. There are the mothers who are quickly becoming home-school teachers and learning to do that while working remotely! Then, there is the medical community, one of my sons included, who are working hours above and beyond out of need. The list goes on. It seems most of the world is seeing CHANGE.

What am I up to? Channeling Light.

I adopted the attitude of making this a time for inner reflection and doing all I can to keep up my spirits. I’m doing this by watching a light-hearted movie now and again, cooking, spending time with my beloved taking walks, bike riding, reading, etc. There is meditation time too, this is important. We need the Light of all Lightworkers to be Light. Do I make sense? Practice time is over. Now, we must simply BE the Light. One on one. Resist the urge to make this complicated.

Channel all the Light you can muster to yourself so you can shine bright, thus lighting all the dark corners of the world. In the end, there is only the self to rely upon. Helping Spirits are here to assist. Just acknowledge them and they are there. They will lift us up – collectively. So, in going this alone we are not alone. Never forget that!

Let’s not forget the price some are paying.

I am also keenly aware that many people are transitioning the world over in a way that seems cruel. Without hugs, goodbyes, phone calls, funerals, or human touch. We know this is a temporary situation, but it does not make it any easier. I find this part hard to write because ignoring this reality is so much easier. I’m hearing of more and more people who are personally touched by this pandemic. It doesn’t matter the causes or whether you believe it’s real or not. People are dying and people are experiencing illnesses in ways that are frightening. Many are still asleep and in denial about this reality. The purpose of my being so blunt (I didn’t know my sun sign would be an asset one day) is that we will be better off if we acknowledge this reality, do our part to minimize this by staying home, and honor those people and their experiences through lighting a candle, saying a prayer or whatever moves you. We see them, we feel them, we honor them, we pray for them. We pray for them, their families, and the ones who are risking their health to care for them.

Then, we disconnect.

Go back and read what I wrote about channeling Light above. Then channel all the Light you can muster to yourself first. Don’t worry if you don’t know how. Just ask your higher self to help you, then imagine Light coming into your crown. Keep channeling until any feeling of less than JOY dissipates. Wait for that moment of JOY however long it takes. Then let that Light of Joy spread out over the planet as it will on its own without you doing anything. Again, you do not need to do more than channel Light right now. That’s it.

What’s an Empath to do?

Empaths are those who feel what others feel. Many are struggling. If you are one, I urge you not to let yourselves go too far in mindless thought. This is especially true for those who have not learned how or never mastered disconnecting. Some are tempted to channel all that negativity and worry away from others. Now is not the time for that. I can help you learn that later. For now, re-read the last paragraph and channel light to yourself. This way we are giving each human the dignity to do their own work and empowering ourselves to be ready for coming out the other side of this difficult time.

Permission to go within.

Give yourself permission to focus on you, and only you! Our sanity and health may just depend on that. The world will need us again when this is all over. So, get meditated up. Get yourself right with yourself. Of course, if you feel called or you are forced to be out there in some external way, do what you can in the Light. If not, then stop beating yourself up for not being more outwardly productive. It’s OK! Use this time wisely. If you’re trying to be wise and feeling like a failure at this, then stop it. It’s ok. Now is the time to be in JOY. So read the information above about channeling Light and JOY. Listen to your intuition, that small still voice inside. You will know when it’s time to go outward again. Until then, be silent. Channel light into your body for strength, harmony, and well-being.

Final word.

Know that I love each of you profoundly and truly wish you the best during this global shift into a new paradigm. We are witnessing history. I suspect this time will be talked about for eons. We were born to witness this and to participate in whatever way feels right. No judgement. Fill yourself with Joy. The new Earth rises and we are co-creating it with our thoughts. Choose wisely.

Blessed Be, Amen, And So It Is.