Massage and Covid 19 Summer Update

Hello Everyone

I miss you all and the time we spend together. Are you well? I tried to write to you many times now, but the words would not come. The situation changes too frequently. Below I will explain what I can do right now and why receiving massage during the time of rapid expansion of Covid-19 is a bad idea. I will also explain why receiving energy work can be a lifesaver. I will share the improvements made at the Sacred Pathways Sarasota facility for the safety of myself and my clients on a separate post.

Massage During Covid

Many massage therapists have returned to the practice of massage. Many have not. I do not judge either path. Without strict and concise guidance from our governing bodies, each therapist is weighing the risks versus the benefits and making a choice. I have kept my finger on the pulse of the latest studies and information coming out about the coronavirus that has disrupted our lives. The bottom line is that even though it is legal to perform massage right now, I believe the manipulation of muscles and tissues is not recommended at this time for most people.

The main problem with massage is the symptom of blood clotting in some people with Covid-19. Blood clots are always a contraindication for massage as clots can be dislodged and cause serious harm or even death. Not enough is known yet about the disease symptoms, their timing, and progression to ensure the safety of people receiving massage. When this changes, I will let you know.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing can be done without manipulating the body tissues and is therefore much safer than massage. People need safe and nurturing human touch right now more than ever. Energy healing can provide that touch and help you feel grounded. This means feeling connected to your body and to the Earth. A session can help you feel present and in-the-moment. This can help you heal the past, be okay with the present, and not fret about the future. I am available to do a limited number of in-person sessions or online sessions if you need me. You can find those times on the online booking system.

Internal Work

The quickest and best way for us to collectively get past the mess that seems to exist is to do our internal work. Get right with yourself and with others. Do not give up on your meditative and reflective time. Do not stop practicing forgiveness. Recognize that life has changed. Recognize that old unsustainable systems are collapsing. The good news is that it WILL get better – eventually. Until then, get to work. Take care of yourself. There is no shame in doing what you need to do to make yourself healthy in mind, body, and soul. If you need help understanding this, feel free to contact me or book yourself a Soul Healing Guidance session on the online booking system.

Higher Perspective

See the world from a higher perspective. There is so much more going on than meets the eye. We are the ones we have been waiting for. I am excited to be living these times. If you are not, contact me. We need to talk.

Stay safe, be well,