Autumn 2020

Hello Friends,

I am here and I am working. I am open for individual sessions and that includes massage. I made many accommodations to make everyone feel safe including stricter health screening, installing UV Light in the AC ducting, HEPA air filters in the rooms, and extra cleaning protocols.  If you have any questions or concerns about any of my safety practices, please contact me.

To be honest, I have enjoyed working less. I am taking a lot of time for inner reflection and contemplation. We are living in historic times that are bringing about much change. The new energies on the planet are exposing the truths of our unsustainable systems and harmful practices.  We are headed into a new age of living in a higher vibration that is in better alignment with our earthly mother, Gaia.

While we go through this process, feel free to reach out for a relaxing massage or energy healing session. I am here to serve you in this way.

Be well,