States of Flow and Non-Judgement

Today’s energies ask us to be in the flow and in a state of non-judgement. Both of these are challenging. I know. We are bombarded now with transformative energy and that is making us look at the things we don’t want to look at. It’s making us acknowledge that the lives we’ve been living may need some improvement. I’m speaking collectively here and personally.

Many energy-sensitive people have been hiding out for a while now. It’s probably why you haven’t heard much from me lately. It’s felt dangerous to take a stand on any topic or issue. Therefore, I spent a lot of time just working on myself because I recognized that what I saw “out there” was a reflection of what was “in me”. I needed to find the place of neutrality (non-judgement) about it all so I could function better. I feel it’s going to get rougher here for a while before it gets better. However, attuning to the good energies available to us now and finding the states of flow and non-judgement make the process easier.

What does flow look like? Today’s example is needing to meet someone at my office at noon. I pull up at 11:40 and there is that person about to drop off a thing I needed. It was perfect timing. It’s when I listen to my body’s nutritional needs and make adjustments and feel all the better for it. It’s finally buying those batteries I wanted for my office and discovering the very next day that one of the clocks had stopped! I can’t tell you how many little things like this are happening. It makes my life smooth.

What does non-judgement look like? That’s a bit harder. As an example, it is me not trying to change anyone’s mind about their opinion on the political landscape. Just look to the energy of it and you can see that major change is in the wind. Literally. Non-judgement means I let go of the way I think things are supposed to be and allow what is being born now through my own intention of living in the flow of life. We might lose something we thought we wanted only to find that things are better than we thought they could ever be.

If you tune in well enough, you can see the energies are so good now they they are supporting us in our transformation as a species. What we thought was impossible has become possible. Many shamans have been dreaming a new world into being for a long time now and I see it coming to fruition. Of course, I know it looks rather ugly right now (notice the judgement), but I realize that it needs to be ugly so we can sweep out under the carpet and make it new again.

My spare room is always messier before it’s cleaner. I’m not talking about a quick dust and let’s hide the junk. I’m talking about a deep cleanse, a cleanse that is happening now. A purging of energies. What appears evil has had so much light shone on it that you can’t help but see it now. It’s no longer lurking in the corners or under the carpet. That is what we are about to finish cleaning up folks and for me, the best way to get through that is to drop all my judgement about it and keep cleaning until it’s done. I do this by focusing on myself (finding flow and neutrality) and answering any other call Spirit has for me.

Please take care of yourselves. Get in for a massage or Reiki session if you need a time-out.