About Energy Healing

Energy Healing comes in many forms and has always existed. The simplest that can also be the most effective for some is Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese Healing Technique where the practitioner places their hands on or above the body while channeling life-force energy. Life-force energy is simply the subtle energy that animates and creates our world. Kelly provides a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to receive Reiki. Call today for an appointment to give it a try.

If you need something more, then consider that energy healing practitioners can interact with other realms of energy that are increasingly coming into the awareness of humanity that can effect change for the betterment of lives. This can be done in many ways including the use of color therapy or vibrations in the form of drumming, rattling, or vocalizing tones. Many times, practitioners are born with gifts of being able to communicate with helping spirits that in turn help people. Other times, healers grow into their gifts. This has been true with Kelly. She’s studied various forms of healing and found her techniques to be useful and quite effective. Her philosophy is always about assisting others to heal and propel one onto the soul’s journey.

Because Kelly has many techniques available to her, a free 15-minute consultation is included in your first session so the appropriate methods can be used. Contact her today to set up your first session.