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  • Back To Work and Feeling At Home

    I am very happy to be back at work full-time in my Sarasota office. I lost a little momentum over the summer but I also know it’s a temporary lull. The summer was full of research, fun, and becoming aware of some areas I need to work on. The research included a trip to North […]

  • New Office

    I am very excited about the new office for StarLightworker’s services. I’ve spent the last month putting the final touches on the place and have realized this project will never be completely finished – just like this website! It keeps revealing to me more tweaks and nuances to be addressed. One thing I have decided […]

  • All Grown Up Now!

    Hi Friends, I feel like a real adult now. The last weeks have proven to be challenging and exciting. I not only found my new location to practice but I completed the last piece of legality just this week and am now officially practicing there. Who would have thought I’d need four tax receipts and […]

  • Guest Panel Speaker

    Hello my loyal followers! I’ve been busy growing my massage and healing practice and neglecting the blog for a little too long. During recent months, the majority of my extra time has been spent on business related issues and keeping the Sarasota Reiki Circle meetup site going. I have added a few regular events there […]

  • Post Graduation

    Massage therapy license #MA74485 in hand, I am now officially open for business. If you look over my website, you’ll see that I’ve tried to simplify things. Hopefully I was a little bit successful at that. The world keeps changing and so do I. And while some changes in the world may not seem all […]

  • Nearly There!

    Hello Everyone, I’m excited to share the news that I have graduated from Massage School and passed the Board exam. All I have to do now is wait a few more days (maybe weeks?) for my license application to be approved. This is what I’ve been working for the past 7 months. I didn’t realize […]

  • Spirit First

    I’m now at the half-way mark on my journey through massage school. And let me tell you, it has been a journey. Not only am I learning what I need to know to pass the state board exam, I am seeing where I’m at in dealing with people. I’d been spoiled the previous few years […]

  • Education

    You may have noticed – or not – that I haven’t scheduled any classes lately. They will resume in the next few months. My primary focus for the moment is completing massage school. The first trimester is now complete which means in addition to nightly studying of muscle origins, insertions, actions and other exciting anatomy […]