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  • Announcing Reiki Classes

    I’m happy to announce that Reiki classes are finally on the calendar. Feel free to browse the website to see when they are and what’s included in them. Why take a class from me? Because I love teaching and it shows. You’ll learn much more than basic Reiki skills. You’re intuitive abilities will be opened […]

  • Reiki Shares – 1st Wednesdays

    I’m pleased to announce officially that Reiki Shares will be a regular event now on the first Wednesday evening of each month. They will be held at Transendance – a Center for Inspired Change. It’s on 2nd Street in downtown Sarasota. If you have any training at all in Reiki, I highly recommend attending a […]

  • Gulf Healing / Reiki Share / Sacred Pathways

    Our first Reiki Share event was very successful. We met at Lido Beach, enjoyed an attunement and then spent time communing and giving Reiki to the Gulf of Mexico. I loved meeting the beautiful Reiki people in our area who came out despite the threatening weather. This summer’s been a bit wet. Each soul there […]

  • Sarasota Reiki Cirlce

    I’m pleased to announce that I’ve started a Sarasota Reiki Circle group managed at It’ll be for all things Reiki. The first event will be a Gulf Healing session on Lido Beach. It is a free event that will include a free Reiki attunement, a short meditation and some time to give Reiki to […]

  • Facebook and Twitter

    I didn’t want to do it, but it was the next best logical thing. I’ve got the StarLightworker Facebook Page and Twitter Accounts set up. Like my Facebook page and you’ll be the first to get all the news about upcoming classes and events. Click here to see it. Follow my twitter account @StarLightworker and […]

  • A New Identity

    Along with getting married and embarking on our new project – Sacred Pathways, I am personally in the midst of a legal identity change.  I am extremely happy to be making this change because I am taking on the name of my new husband.  I lost my sense of connection to my old name many […]

  • Spirtual Center Coming Soon

    Hello Everyone, Now that the wedding celebrations are behind us, my sole focus is getting our Spiritual Center – Sacred Pathways – open for business. I will write about that process here. It is certainly a huge part of my story. This will be a center for the common person who has a desire for […]

  • Deepening Meditation with Daily Practice

    I teach the importance of daily meditation practice. I wish I could say I’ve had a formal practice for years and years but the truth is that I have not. I’ve had students report how good it is and my own knowingness told me it was true. However overcoming the inertia of not doing it […]

  • Business Location and Paths to Enlightenment

    The plans for a business location are moving along albeit a bit slower than hoped. As with all dreams, we have let go the outcome of any one decision and allow ourselves to be molded and guided into the right thing. Hopefully by the time I’m ready for another post, I’ll have more information about […]