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  • Awakening to Reiki’s Many Uses

    Reiki, a Japanese hands-on healing technique, is rising in popularity. More people are hearing about it but may still be unsure about its use. Traditionally it is a method for channeling universal life force energy into a person with specific or intuitively known hand positions to bring about healing or balance. However Reiki has many […]

  • New Facility

    Exciting News!  I will be opening a healing studio in the coming month or two.  I’m working with a business partner now and we’ve been checking out properties.  This will allow me to begin offering classes and personal healing sessions in a more private space. Stay tuned for the unfolding of this grand adventure!

  • Musings by me as if I were John Muir

    I wanted to share a talk I gave embodying the archetype of the Adventurer. I had great fun writing this document using information I had gotten from the Ken Burns National Park videos – America’s Greatest Idea. I love the videos almost as much as I love the National Parks. It is my hope that […]

  • New Website Wonders

    If you found your way here to my new website, then I am happy to say it is up and running.  What a process and what an experience.  Often frustrating and occasionally exciting.  There was much to learn including the fact that my organizational skills, while considered excellent to many, still fall below my preferred level.  […]

  • Hello World!

    Welcome to my website. I am an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Teacher.  I have been trained in several areas of holistic healing and apply whatever tool is needed to help you in the evolution of your soul.  There are many paths to take and just as many ways to go off course.  I am here to help you […]