• Chalkboard saying Be safe, be well, see you again soon....

    COVID-19 Update

    The Virus – UPDATED……March 18, 2020 And just like that – things changed! Hang on and be well. Social distancing is the new norm. I take this virus very seriously and therefore am closing-up the massage shop until further notice. To not do so would to risk being sorrowful. It’s no secret that I prefer […]

  • Reiki Healing Treatment performed by female therapist

    Which Reiki Class Should I Take?

    Selecting a Teacher Everyone should begin with Reiki I of course. But, that’s obvious. The next question becomes – “How do I select a teacher?” The answer to this question is not so easy. There are many schools of Reiki and many philosophies around this healing modality. Each teacher is different. Each brings to the […]

  • Massage in Sarasota – An Awesome Career Change

    If you’ve been following me, you know the reasons I went to Massage School. In the beginning it was about presenting myself to the public in the best light possible for my Reiki career. I hadn’t intended to like it so much. I thought my wrists were too weak or that it would be just […]

  • Guest Panel Speaker

    Hello my loyal followers! I’ve been busy growing my massage and healing practice and neglecting the blog for a little too long. During recent months, the majority of my extra time has been spent on business related issues and keeping the Sarasota Reiki Circle meetup site going. I have added a few regular events there […]

  • Post Graduation

    Massage therapy license #MA74485 in hand, I am now officially open for business. If you look over my website, you’ll see that I’ve tried to simplify things. Hopefully I was a little bit successful at that. The world keeps changing and so do I. And while some changes in the world may not seem all […]

  • Massage Anyone?

    After much soul searching and researching, I have decided to earn a Florida massage license because I believe this is the best way for me to add more credibility and legitimacy to my practice and to reach my goals as a soul who carries the strong inner desire to spread Light – knowledge, freedom and […]

  • My Hope for Reiki and Our Healing Journey

    I can’t believe it’s been two months since I last posted on my blog. My dear sister, Lynne, reminded me of this. I stayed with her while attending a Reiki in Hospitals Workshop in Philadelphia– more on that later – and became one of those people who tried to fly on the day after Hurricane […]

  • Reiki Clinic vs Share and Sacred Pathways Update.

    I am filling up Tuesday nights with everything Reiki. Tonight begins a new Reiki class series. I am then presenting a Shamanic Reiki Playshop on Oct 2 and following that up with a Free Reiki Clinic on Oct 9. These offerings will work themselves into a rotating schedule. The Reiki shares will continue to be […]

  • Awakening to Reiki’s Many Uses

    Reiki, a Japanese hands-on healing technique, is rising in popularity. More people are hearing about it but may still be unsure about its use. Traditionally it is a method for channeling universal life force energy into a person with specific or intuitively known hand positions to bring about healing or balance. However Reiki has many […]