• Travel Time

    Travel helps restore my soul – at least that is my experience. It allows me an opportunity to get out of the day to day. It gets me out of myself. The first travel this summer was a 30-day 6,255 mile loop from Sarasota to Utah and back. It reminded me of the first trip […]

  • Journey to Another Time and Place

      Entering the trail was like embarking upon any other promising to meander through a grove of giants. Over time, the mind quiets. The breath settles, and the conversation ends. The feet keep moving, exploring the ground. The eyes watch the trail and take in the grandeur of the forest before us. The trail winds […]

  • Back To Work and Feeling At Home

    I am very happy to be back at work full-time in my Sarasota office. I lost a little momentum over the summer but I also know it’s a temporary lull. The summer was full of research, fun, and becoming aware of some areas I need to work on. The research included a trip to North […]

  • Ever take the wrong turn only to find the right place?

    My husband and I just returned from a short road trip which means camping a night or two at different places along a specific route. We love taking the back roads because they are far more interesting and telling of an area. Once in a while we take a wrong turn. We’re pretty good about […]

  • Our Healing Journey and World Affairs Start at Home

    Wow! This project is taking on a life of its own. I’ve been busy recruiting speakers and setting up meetings for my new meetup group called Our Healing Journey. So far, I’ve scheduled a Gong Healing Meditation, an Ayni Despacho for the Divine Feminine, and introductions to Kundalini Yoga,  “A Course In Miracles” and Somato(Body) […]