Frequently Asked Questions

  • Massage Therapy

    What are the benefits of massage therapy?

    Massage therapy promotes relaxation and relieves stress held in body tissues. It improves range of motion, strengthens the immune system by improving the flow of blood, and lifts the sense of well-being. The therapist employs specific techniques to produce the desired outcome that is determined during an initial consultation.

    When should I request a therapeutic massage?

    A therapeutic massage is used to target specific areas or muscles of the body that require extra attention. For example, if you woke up with a stiff neck, a therapeutic massage would focus more time on loosening the muscles that tightened during the night and less time on everything else.

    Will you include abdominal massage in my session?

    Yes! Unless you request that we skip them, we like to include abdominal muscles because they are directly connected to the back muscles. To be clear, a full body massage includes: head, face, neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, hands, feet, abdomen and buttocks.

    How is a massage with Reiki added different than a regular massage?

    A Reiki massage incorporates the flow of life-force energy into the relaxation massage. Reiki is applied through the hands of the therapist as he or she intuitively spends extra time at certain areas of the body while intentionally wrapping the entire body in a cocoon of Reiki healing energy. This energy may promote the body’s self-healing ability.

    Can I leave my clothes on for a massage?

    Even though some therapeutic techniques are best done with friction through a sheet, a massage is best received with skin contact. However, we want every client to fully relax and if that means leaving some clothes on for your massage, then please do so. We can still work a muscle through clothing and will never work an area without permission. A client and therapist’s modesty are always considered. Draping is mandatory. That means the areas not being worked will remain covered.

    Is draping required?

    Yes. To maintain the client and the therapist’s modesty, draping is mandatory. The area of the body being worked will be undraped and re-draped as the massage progresses.

    Will my therapist be licensed?

    Yes, Kelly works at Sacred Pathways Sarasota where all employees are licensed therapists to provide licensed services.

    What can I expect from an aromatherapy massage?

    An aromatherapy massage with essential oils is meant for short-term therapeutic use. You will complete a lengthy questionnaire and the therapist will then prepare an oil blend specific to your needs and wants. This usually involves a separate consultation for testing the oils to ensure there is no reaction with your skin. The therapist will then perform the massage using your blend. The remainder of the batch will go home with you for use during the therapeutic period.

  • Reiki / Energy Healing

    What is Reiki good for?

    Reiki can be used for just about anything and the scientific evidence is growing that Reiki is effective in the areas of relaxation, reducing stress, lessening pain, improving moods, and moderating blood pressure.

    What is a Reiki session like?

    Reiki is given while a client lies on a massage table fully clothed. The therapist places their hands directly on or slightly above the body to facilitate the flow of energy targeting areas of blocked flow. Feedback is provided after the session.

    What will I feel during a Reiki session?

    The most common thing to feel during a session is deep relaxation. You may be aware of the warmth or coolness of the practitioner’s touch. You may also sense energy flowing around your body. Reiki energy can continue being felt throughout the day it is delivered. Many people report having a great night’s sleep after a session.

    How long is the session?

    A typical Reiki/Energy Healing session is an hour, but it can be shorter or longer depending on a client’s need.

    How long does a Reiki healing last?

    Reiki is a gentle healing art. Multiple sessions provide longer lasting results.

    How many Reiki treatments do I need?

    How many treatments you receive depends on your healing goal. Some people just want a quick tune-up or come in for a few sessions while experiencing a life change. Others come in regularly as they navigate life’s daily challenges. The choice is yours.

    Will I feel worse before I feel better?

    Some people experience a worsening of symptoms prior to a full release. This is often called a healing crisis and should not be a cause for alarm. Our therapists are always available for follow-up support if needed.

    How should I prepare for an appointment?

    Avoid mind altering substances the night prior and day of an appointment for best results. Otherwise, no special preparation is needed other than to be ready to lie quietly on the table. Sometimes the therapist will pose questions to help you identify with feelings in the body. Otherwise, mindfulness and quiet during a session allows for a deeper experience.

    Why should I learn Reiki?

    Learning Reiki will propel you onto your journey of becoming self-reliant. It is not just for people who want to heal others. It is a great self-help system.

    What is Energy Healing?

    Simply, the energy healing session is designed to move energy. Our world is made up of energy in seen and unseen realms. The energy healer will help you move that energy so you can move forward in life in a newly healed way.

    Who can benefit from Energy Healing?

    Everyone! Energy Healing is for those who are ready for a deep dive into hidden and subtle realms. It is for those who are ready to learn from and shed their past, release energies that are holding you back, embrace the now, and reconnect to the soul’s journey.

    What is an Energy Healing session like?

    A client will lay fully clothed on a massage table while the therapist guides them in a breathing technique designed to move energy. The therapist will also use various techniques to accomplish the intended goal of the session.

    How many kinds of Energy Healing sessions are there?

    The basic techniques include releasing patterns of behavior or responses, clearing energies that are not ours but have become lodged into our system, and finally to recover the lost parts of ourselves as a result of trauma or accident.

    What kind of Energy Healing session should I do first?

    Typically, patterns are released first followed by the extraction of foreign energies. This prepares the body’s energy system for soul retrieval. However, there are times when the order is reversed. The order of sessions can be determined at the initial consultation.

    How long before I see results with Energy Healing?

    You will begin seeing results immediately upon the first session.

    What kind of results can I expect from Energy Healing?

    Clients report they feel clearer, they sleep better, they are freed of past issues. They also report that they feel whole and complete.

    How many Energy Healing treatments do I need?

    Typically, a series of three or four sessions creates a new basis from which to move on to the next phase of healing. However, even one treatment can have significant impact. For best results purchase the package and get the additional follow-up sessions.

Can I receive services at StarLightworker in lieu of seeing my doctor or mental health professional?

Massage, Reiki, and Energy Healing sessions are not meant to replace any therapy provided by another licensed health care professional. They are a great adjunct to other therapies but should never replace them.