My Expertise

My Expertise

  • Relaxation, Integration, & Peace of Mind

    Kelly has many methods available to assist you in achieving relaxation, integration, and peace of mind. She is grounded in her work and strives to give each client that feeling of being grounded into their body. Her work is intuitively guided along with a strong foundation of formal education. Come to her for massage or Reiki if that’s all you need. Or, she dares you to dive deep into the life issues that hold you back from fully enjoying your soul’s journey by exploring energy healing with her. Either way, you’ll be happy to discover that you have a place to go where you matter and that you are worth it – just as you are.

  • Student Support

    Ongoing support is provided for past and current students for class related material. Kelly’s Reiki students become eligible to attend monthly Reiki Shares where everyone gets a chance to receive a healing and to practice giving healings. It is also a great opportunity to ask questions and find solutions should problems arise. Also, Kelly is available for one-on-one help or training in the form of her Soul Healing Guidance sessions. These are provided for those who need more in-depth assistance on their journey.

  • Retreats

    Kelly regularly hosts events that are designed to bring more peace and mindfulness. They are often to honor the Earth we walk upon and always an opportunity for healing. These typically happen alongside solstices, equinoxes. They often include some form of energetic ceremony or rite, art, or meditation. Occasionally, they include some Kundalini Yoga. Be sure to receive our newsletter in order to be informed of these events. There is a link to sign up at the bottom of the page.