Package Pricing

Package Pricing

All package services must be completed within the time-frame listed beginning on the date of purchase.  Packages ensure protection against price increases during that time-frame. Unused services are non-refundable and non-transferable. Exception: The Buy-10 package may be shared between two people. Services may be upgraded at the time of use for additional fees. Credits cannot be given for using lesser services.

Please call Kelly at 941-322-7284 to book packages.


Massage & Reiki Packages

Massage and Reiki packages are designed for individuals who want to include regular massage and bodywork in their self-care routine. Massage types and lengths may be combined to create a custom package. I will help you create the perfect package.

  • Buy 3 for use within three months and receive 10% off
  • Buy 5 for use within six months and receive 15% off
  • Buy 10 for use within one year and receive 20% off


Energy Work Packages

Energy work packages are for individuals on a healing journey. These packages can be adjusted to suit the needs of the individual but must be used within the time frame specified for ultimate effectiveness.

  • Reiki Immersion Package

     Two Month:                                             $725 ($1,025 value)

    This package is for taking control of your healing journey. You will receive healing sessions and learn to manage your healing process and environment. Sessions and training conducted by Kelly Stewart. Package includes:

    • 2 Soul Healing Guidance Sessions
    • Weekly 60-minute Reiki Sessions
    • Reiki 1 and 2 Training
    • Homework
    • Ongoing Group Support – Monthly Reiki Shares
  • Energy Intensive Package

    One Month:                                              $475 ($675 value)

    This package is for working with a major life issue. You will receive healing sessions that culminate in the return of a lost soul part. Sessions conducted by Kelly Stewart. Package includes:

    • 1 Soul Healing Guidance Sessions
    • 2 Pattern Release Sessions
    • 1 Energy Clearing
    • 1 Soul Retrieval
    • Homework