Services and Rates

Invest in Yourself


  • Massage (currently unavailable)

    • Relaxation Journey Massage $95

      Swedish style relaxation massage designed to be restorative and body nurturing using Kelly’s relaxing touch and gentle presence.

    • Gentle Massage $95

      Very gentle all over massage in the Swedish style using very light strokes. This massage is perfect for seniors, those new to massage, or anyone who does not like the pressure of regular massage.

    • Oncology Massage $95

      If you are receiving or have received treatment for cancer, Kelly knows how to work with you to keep your massages safe and effective.

    • Therapeutic Massage $105

      Swedish & deep tissue bodywork techniques combined to provide you with a restorative massage targeting specific areas of the body as needed.

    • Energy Balancing Massage $105

      Energizing and relaxing at the same time, this massage focuses on enhancing the flow of energy through your body using various massage and energy medicine techniques. Balancing the energy centers of your body (chakras) is included.

  • Energy Healing

    • Reiki – 45 Minutes $85

      A light touch therapy given while lying on a table fully clothed for improving and balancing energy flow through the body.

    • Pattern Release $150

      Dispel old repeating patterns from your luminous energy field with this simple energy healing technique.

    • Energy Clearing $150

      Remove persistent and invasive disturbances from your energy field.

    • Soul Retrieval $150

      Reintegrate that bit of yourself that feels lost.

    • Soul Healing Guidance $75

      These sessions are designed to propel you to the next level of your healing journey. Do the work needed to clear blocks and promote flow of life-force energy. Homework is given after each session. The goal is freedom of the past to help unlock the future. The program is tailored to each client’s need.

    • Power Animal Retrieval $75

      Bring forth energetic personal power in the form of a power animal retrieval.

    Dress comfortably for energy sessions, they do not require undressing.


Other Services

  • Community Ceremony

    Participate in group or individual ceremonies designed to release energies no longer serving you, invite something new, or to honor your current situation.

    Reiki Classes & Shares

    Give yourself the gift of self-healing. Learn Reiki today.

  • Space Clearing

    Cleanse your home or property to bring forth its lighter, happier essence through a space clearing ceremony.

    Meditation & Intuition Skills

    Meditate or enhance your intuitive skills with experiential workshops & weekly practice.

Please contact Kelly for pricing and availability.

Remote Reiki 1 Attunement with a 15-minute consultation – $50

What is an attunement? The simplest answer is that it is a meditative process by which Kelly strengthens your innate connection to the source of universal life-force energy. This life-force energy is the energy that permeates all of creation. This will help you become aware of the power you already possess so that you can become a stronger channel for healing energies.

The Attunement package comes with a 15-minute Skype or phone consultation for the purpose of learning the most basic use of Reiki. This attunement will give a person the ability to channel life-force energy for themselves, loved ones, pets, and plants. Reiki does no harm.

While it is impossible to replace the hands-on experience received in a class, Kelly recognizes that we are in a time of great change and has a desire to get Reiki out to as many people as willing to accept it in the shortest time possible. She also recognizes that many don’t have the resources or ability to attend a class in person right now but would highly benefit from receiving an attunement.

Note, this will not be a certification course and does not qualify you to work professionally with Reiki. A live class is needed for that. This is for those who have a heart-felt desire to heal their own household or circle of friends.

Schedule your Reiki 1 Attunement and start healing  your world; send Kelly an email.