Massage Therapy

    Relax, renew, and rejuvenate with the massage you want. Intuitively guided to release issues and to move energy throughout the body.

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    Energy Healing

    Feel present and whole by releasing energy patterns that no longer serve you and restoring your energy field to its innate brightness.

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    Learn about energy healing techniques to help yourself heal, take control of your environment, and to find your soul’s journey.

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Hello I’m Kelly

Licensed Massage Therapist

Welcome to the website of Kelly J. Stewart, owner of StarLightworker Healing & Massage and Co-Creator of Sacred Pathways Sarasota. She is a spiritual being having a human experience. Kelly found massaging bodies far superior to her old career of massaging numbers. She loves helping people feel well, and she has many tools available to assist her in reaching that goal.

In addition to being a Florida licensed massage therapist, Kelly practices Shamanic Energy Medicine and teaches intuitive and hands-on healing skills focusing on Reiki. She found that combining her skills produces remarkable results.

Whether your goal is to simply relax or to embark on a personal healing journey, Kelly is here to support you with compassion, therapeutic touch, energy healing, ceremony, classes, and workshops.

My Story



My Expertise

  • Relaxation, Integration, & Peace of Mind

    Providing a grounded, healing, and soulful experience through mindful and intuitively guided bodywork and massage.
  • Student Support

    Ongoing support provided for past and current students.
  • Retreats

    Get away from it all for an evening or day filled with energetic activities including yoga, art, rites, and ceremonies.

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New Clients-Getting Started is Easy

  • Free 15-Minute Chat

    Always included with the initial appointment so the appropriate course of treatment can be assessed.

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    First-time appointments are made by phone or email. Established clients may book through our internet system.

  • 1st Session!

    Don’t know where to start? Try a Reiki session and trust that I will help you choose the right path.

Existing Clients

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